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Online Gaming Institute Established in Nevada

The Internet Business Alliance of Nevada (IBAN) has just established the Interactive Gaming Institute in an attempt make online gambling a reality in Nevada.

The Interactive Gaming Institute (IGI ) was launched on the heels of legislation introduced by state assemblywoman, Merle Berman that would authorize the Nevada Gaming Commission to license and regulate online gambling. (See Online Gambling Legislation Comes to Nevada for more details.)

The mission of the IGI will be to act as an information resource for companies developing software, documentation, and hardware that could be used in Nevada’s potential online gambling industry. The institute will also provide technical assistance to online- and brick-and-mortar casino operators wishing to operate in Nevada.

Both the IGI and IBAN are taking the legislation and regulatory process very seriously, but they know they have a big job ahead of them.

Scott Frost, chair of the IBAN Board of Directors, said, “We want to make sure that the technology companies who wish to provide products and services that make interactive gaming possible fully understand the regulations and procedures set forth by the state’s statutes and implemented by the Nevada Gaming Commission.”

Frost went on to note that, “Many of our member companies are used to operating in the unregulated environment of the Internet. Those who want to become involved with licensed resort gaming need to be aware of the rationale and processes of Nevada’s stringent licensing system.”

The IGI will be directly involved in the regulatory process, and will oversee the creation of quality-assurance guidelines that will establish “rigorous competency, ethical, and practice standards.”

More significantly, the IGI will be creating and promoting a Nevada licensed and regulated “seal of approval” for sites that meet state guidelines. The seal will likely be an important tool for Nevada-based casinos to attract players looking for reputable online gambling sites in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

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